vintage valve transformers 5A , RS 336-026, EX EQUIPT Gray vintage locked steel gates doors to rural village electric transformer brick shed barn isolated. Set of 3 Micro Cassette Robots (Pre-Transformers Low emission valves ; Incorrect voltages ; Leaky coupling capacitors ; Gassy output valve ; Crackles & Whistles. . You will find a large community of friendly amp builders at the link above. This is one of them - the U suffix does not mean Universal, it does have a proper AC mains transformer just in case you are not familiar with Pilot thinking. 99 $ 7 . 0 bids · Ending Feb 28 at 2:00PM GMT 6d 15h. Check out the on-line shop Amps that use this smaller 28-watt transformer are always going to have that certain compression and dynamic that defines an output transformer going into saturation. Rated at 5 watts. More Buying Choices PARTRIDGE VINTAGE VALVE AMP OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS CHOKE 3176 AMPLIFIER. It has 3 output leads for 4,8,16 ohms speaker outputs. Links. 3v for the valve filaments and a toroidal transformer 230v transformer for the HT (high tension/voltage). com. Miller catalogue it is truly bewildering. , 2005). Audio. Mains transformers may be interchangeable, but an output transformer designed for Hi-Fi will have a wider frequency response, with more lamination increasing the bottom end, and more sections in the winding to increase the top end. As per pictures Untested Vintage 1987 Hasbro Transformers G1 Headmasters - missing rocket, 1 gun missing, the included gun is damaged. Dimensions may not match the original. ratings) £8. Mar 12, 2017 - Partridge Single Ended Output Transformers 1428, pair, used, for sale, secondhand Since the 1990s a niche market has developed again in the west for low-power commercial SET amplifies (up to 7 watts), notably using the 300B valve in recent years, which has become fashionable and expensive. Classic British gain stages and transformer balanced in/out with 48v single ended output transformer transformers - Sansui leaped forward the vacuum tube valve amp amps amplifier amplifiers technologies with the SM-30 and the SM-80 tuner amplifiers in the early 1960’s. ” Learn More: Here (eBay) Dynaco ST70 Stereo Tube Amplifier Vintage Valve Amplifier Transformer Gardners C567. The secondary leads connect to the push-pull amplifier, as you describe in the last question. 260 Series Get the best deals on Vintage Tube Power Transformer when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. The output stage of the GEC BC402 set is shown here. C $224. £32. Tube Distinctions ; Valve and Tube Supplies, Valves; Variable Voltage Technology, Transformers/Chokes; Vintage Valved Wireless, Vintage Spares; Walford Electronics. 52 Classic Tube Output Audio Transformer Overview. A new transformer will not change an amp’s DNA or make a Marshall sound like a Vox. Simms-watts 100watt PLEXI Valve head good condition £sold. What we can do. Valve Amplifier Specialist . Chokes and Inductors. Also parts, tubes & schematics. 99 P&P. There are precautions that should be made when powering up an early power transformer operated radio or transformer powered piece of equipment. Made with or without Faraday shielding (shown with). 00. C $46. From United Kingdom. 00. We see many Mac tube amps but the MC240 is definitely the most common coming in for restoration. 7 watching. 125A-125E Series. 9% positive. with a power transformer, not the small 4 or 5 tube AC/DC radios. or Best Offer. or Best Offer +$41. com. Radio and Test Equipment Kits Luke now contacted the company were he had purchased the transformers and explained to them the problem that had been there all along…. GAUGESGAUGES Oil Thermometers Oil Thermometers are used to indicate the top liquid temperature of the transformer. The table covers 455 Khz IF transformers, 10. Transformer Rectifiers Rectifier Power Transformers High Frequency Ferrite Cored Transformers & Chokes Valve Audio Transformers Variable Transformers Chokes / Inductors Electrical Transformers 3 Phase VT with fused input Variable Transformers Inductors & Chokes Audio Transformers 24V DC Trailer Power Supply The iron is very heavy on this amp which any valve amp builder will tell you the quality of an amp can be measured by the weight of its transformers. Read More Rotary Transformer Ref No 10K/21 s/n 1822; Input 12V, 32 amps; Output 1200 volts 0. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish the platform for shaping your amp’s unique sound. Site search Tool. MERREN AUDIO has been providing 30 years of custom electrical design and engineering for HI-FI audio enthusiast, musicians and experimenters. 20: 3D 0Hrs 12Min 44Sec : Standard 18W Valve Output Transformer 8K to 4,8,16ohm RS Repro wiring pattern : steves025uk (4. The range of transformers held in stock cover the majority of valve Guitar amplifiers as well as the Hi-Fi segment however if you feel you cant find something that suits your requirements then please feel free to call us or send us an email at info@evatco. Design Guide For Rectifier Use. Cosmetically, it is in awesome condition. Electroinic devises that have not been used in years has been doing more than Bakelite case, Vintage and a piece of history 1939 Front lights up Excellent condition for its age Check out my Marconi valve radio I also have for sale Great tone Sold as seen know offers. Carlsbro 100 watt pa all valve 4x el34,very tidy ALL PARTS AVAILBLE £CALL. £5. 5. £49. vintage Dynatron lf48 valve amplifier WORKING KT61 pp, one mono amp only £1,000. 2? amp; Newton Bros. Never Plug in a vintage radio, that hasn't been working for a long time, as a risk of an electrical shock may be present or it could do further damage to the electrical components of the set. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Our team of experts was able to source the exact dimensional and functional modern replacement valve. Vintage Adverts and Boxes eg BTH LF407 box or Mullard's EL84 advert Technical Articles or Films re-published. Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. Valve Transformers Kits. This is my "homebrew" method of rewinding 1920’s audio transformers and Vintage 1970s 1973 Laney Klipp 100w L100 Partridge Valve Guitar Amplifier Head A very special piece of history right here. Like vacuum tubes, transformers are vital to the sound and performance of your amplifier. Valve Short Form Data; Specially designed Parts. John Kendall's Vintage Electronics has been selling restorable vintage radio, audio and various electronic devices internationally since 1980. Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. These are the figures we remember from our childhoods or perhaps missed out on in their original runs. or Best Offer +C $21. 00 ETA 106-P30, Single Pole Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker, 0. Yes they as far as I know were the only company to do that. Williamson Trix T. PARTRIDGE VINTAGE VALVE AMP OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS CHOKE 3176 AMPLIFIER. C $169. $7. Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. V5 is the partridge vintage valve amp output transformers choke 3176 amplifier. Buy, Buying, vintage stereo, vintage audio, ham radio, amateur radio, Vintage radio (tube & transistor), audio, TV & other electronic gadgets for sale. For transformer repairs, rewinds or manufacture please click on this link . Plenty for a mic pre. 99 $8. These can be used as an upgrade for these amplifiers as well as others such as the Marshall Class 5**, Epiphone Valve Jr. After years of service, the silver becomes tarnished where the spring metal contacts touch the silver. Epiphone Valve Special Features Five-watt, Class A single-ended (using two 12AX7s and one EL84) circuit design with master volume, three-band EQ, DSP effects plus separate digital reverb with level control, 10″ speaker. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions. Epiphone Valve Junior Features Five-watt, Class A single-ended 12AX7 circuit design, 8″ speaker. 5 out of 5 stars (386) Sale Price $135. Schematic is from the Dynaco Super-Fidelity Output Transformers catalog. 99. VINTAGE VALVE RADIO OldGuitarParts. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. It is wound to the same original Neuman specification on a custom made 4 chamber bobbin. I buy, sell and quality test new (NOS) and used vacuum tubes. Check and renew the rubber mountings. Cause and possible solutions. Vintage Hi Fi Amplifiers (mostly valve). To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. A major investor-owned utility located in Louisiana needed a new RRPR (Rapid Rise Pressure Relay) shutoff valve, including one spare valve for their 1967 vintage 100MVA GE Pittsfield transformer. Function: The output or sometimes called the power-amplifier stage follows the detector, and is the last stage in the signal path of the receiver. Vintage 1968 Laney Pre Supergroup 60w PA Douglas Valve Amplifier A very special piece of history right here. FOR SALE! A collection of vintage IF / RF transformers and coils / inductors. Prices and The Philips 3009 model has a transformer and a full wave rectifier valve (type 506), with a capacitor and choke filter, to provide the B voltage. Classic Tube Output Audio Transformer Overview. 20V-0-20V 50VA 1. Replacement RRPR Valve on Vintage Transformer. Operation. 119DA Series ¶Classic Tube Audio & Guitar. 00 postage. Home Page and Contact Details. One such device is a valve, or tube, and most people associate valve amplifiers with the concept of analogue warmth, but it's entirely possible to design solid‑state circuitry using discrete transistors or integrated circuits that can sound just as 'warm', if required, and there is plenty of solid‑state vintage equipment associated with analogue warmth, not least being classic Neve mixing consoles, for example, without a valve in them. HIWATT / Carlsbro etc 100watt Partridge transformers 1970,s £sold Allen D Cardwell Frequency Meter BC221Q Vintage Valve Radio Test Equipment WW2 Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester Metal case Shape Portable set > 8 inch (also usable Transformers G1 Autobot Blaster Blaster joins his Decepticon counterpart Soundwave in the Vintage G1 treatment. 80. The range of capacitance, from what I have seen, range from about 70pf up to 250 pf. Please check out my other items as i do combine postage all items sent recorded delivery If the valves were of a microphonic type when made, the valve base may be sping loaded or on rubber. Then Sansui perfected tube amplifier technologies You can expect these transformers to sound the same or better than the original . 4 Vintage Valve Output Output, Mains transformers and Chokes for repairing or recreating Classic designs from GEC, Mullard, Dynaco, Leak, Radford, Williamson etc. HAM Radio Today, March 1984. Pre-Owned. This amplifier comes complete with the original Carlsbro label to the back, and is in wonderful condition and originality. 4 Vintage Valve Output Transformers radio/amp ECL86 : mark1xxx2010 (5 of 5 points 1901 pos. Some popular period tranny info. (Derby) Ltd. Hammond Museum of Radio ¶Power - High Voltage For General Amp Use. 00: 19D 18Hrs 42Min 35Sec There are also two transformers for the power supply: one 6. $24. 97 The 7-pin battery valves are fairly cheap (£3 each at time of writing) so it is generally best to replace the whole lot. The output transformer is the heart of a valve amplifier. BANDO Transformers. Otherwise the mains transformer, smoothing capacitors, valves and other components could be damaged by the excessive voltage. 99. This one is a rarer Tremolo Reverb version, not often seen, dating to 1970. Check out my collection of tested as new (believed to be NOS) and used valves for audio amplifiers and vintage radios. Again, the capsule employed is a K47/K67 hybrid. As Luke had made the amp himself, they said that he must have made a mistake and caused damage to the transformer. au New Listing G1 Original 1986 Springer MIB Triple Changer NICE RARE Vintage Transformers. In particular, choosing transformers for vintage amps needs to be done with care and leaving enough “headroom” in the output – get in touch if you need help (we’ve specialised in selling valve amps for many years so we have plenty of experience with dealing with their requirements). eur 299. Use of vintage radios Line-Operated Commercial Sets The following are some diagrams, photographs and measurements (dimensions and component values) of three types of antique valve Intermediate Frequency Transformer. 00. The transformer is also varnished for extra stability. EUR 10. 00/Unit) + £29. Home / Shop / Guitar amp kits / P1800 vintage plexi amplifier The P1800 guitar amplifier kit is the replacement for the very popular PP-18 amp kit. Instrument Description: Vintage 1960s Carlsbro CS60 TC Guitar Valve Amplifier Rare Transformers We've had a couple of Carlsbro amplifiers in in our time, but this is one of the nicest examples. Vintage G1 Transformers Constructicon Devastator - Get it at Walmart for $74 The Vintage G1 line-up is a personal favorite of mine. Secondary fuses can be of the glass (non HBC) type since fault currents are greatly limited by the transformer itself. 00. 10 shipping. The secondary of the transformer, is usually a centre tapped winding with 250 volts AC per side. com - VINTAGE LOT OF IF / RF transformers / - Valve Radio - $15. There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page. 01 postage The vast majority of sets will use a Class A output stage, with a single valve driving the output transformer. 00 £25. General Replacement Tube Output (8 Watt I do remember buying some 465 kc/s IF transformers there, for my first attempt at a home made communications receiver (using 9 pin plug in Denco coils and octal valves). From the primary on the original, there is a red/yellow lead that connects to the capacitor pack and the power transformer. In most cases, this can be done. C $1,079. Universal Single Ended Tube Output. El84 single ended also known as class A tube amplifier. Otherwise, rewinding (at a cost of about $250) is the only option. I am currently restoring a Stromberg Carlson 601A radio of mid 1920’s vintage and this gave me the opportunity to photograph the process. com. Universal Primary & 50/60 Hz. Gray vintage locked steel gates doors to rural Outdoor vintage old high voltage transformer with multiple connected electrical wires at local electricity substation building. Pneumatic Cylinders Pneumatic Valves Pneumatic Filter Vintage Workbench Vintage Sola HS5F7. 5kVa 1Ph Transformer Mobile Description: This is a larger, multi-purpose version of the original single ended, 5W output transformer used in Champ**, Tweed Princeton**, Vibro-Champ**, Harvard** and Bronco** style amplifiers. Vintage Valve Tube HT mains transformer USED QRP SEE PHOTOS FOR SPEC #2. Our team of experts was able to source the exact dimensional and functional modern replacement valve. Vintage valve (tube) amps and effects pedals in stock and for sale. eg Mullard 5-10 amplifier : Valve Equivalents & References valve types, dates, electrode system and characteristics Timeline of Valve History & Recollections eg 1929 Olympia Show : Apply For Payday Loans today Appreciate any help you can give to troubleshoot this Vintage AM Broadcast Receiver with Excellent Shortwave Reception (Pilot Blue Peter) (Year 1949) I aquired it fully restored in 2011. In addition there will be a bridge rectifier and smoothing components in the power supply, and this will be covered in a future post. Condition is "Used". 00 Westinghouse radiator valves. Carlsbro wah wah pedal very good condition £60. £15. After all, an amplifier’s tone is the sum of all of its parts—tubes, capacitors, wiring, speakers, etc. D. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. HAM Radio Today, March 1984. This is a very rare amplifier both in terms of its vintage (year of production), and its condition, which is exceptional. 1 DC Female Barrel Connector 4. That means that at its heart is the same Dominator/18W tone. Get the best deals on Vintage Electrical Transformers. Over 40 years experience . 5/2. ratings) £25. £269. Most purchases made before pm are dispatched on the same day but please allow up to three working days at busy periods HT Transformers for Valve Amplifiers. Add to Watch list | People who viewed this item also viewed. Vintage 1970s Carlsbro CS60TR TR Tremolo Reverb EL34 Valve Amplifier Head. 1937 Pilot U355 (Valve) Pilot made some nice looking wireless sets fitted in heavy good quality wooden cabinets. They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. 59 shipping. 00: £3. 6 K F 0 E S S p S o 0 Vintage Large Japanese Transformer Robot Toy Plastic 24 inches Tall. Our high fidelity units are manufactured with high grade laminations (M6) and machine wound with high quality copper wire. A major investor-owned utility located in Louisiana needed a new RRPR (Rapid Rise Pressure Relay) shutoff valve, including one spare valve for their 1967 vintage 100MVA GE Pittsfield transformer. C 600 VDC 5665 10C My stock consists of audio valves, valve bases, transformers, capacitors, Ham radio equipment, telescopic masts, etc. This is one of the first ever Laney amplifiers ever made! Laney started by making a PA system for Robert Plant, exactly the same as this. Lower-power amplifiers based on other vintage valve types such as 2A3 and 45 are also made. vintage transformers decepticon g1 thunderwing used possibly incomplete. 5AS Hevi-Duty 240/480HV 120/240LV 7. 633B Quad 11/22 Trio W-400 Leak TP/12 plus, TL50 plus Armstrong Jubilee Mk2 Rogers Cadet III KT66 valves Wharfedale 100. 99 Amplifier Transformers: Magnetic Components, Inc. At the very least, the HT winding should have its own fuse. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. You may be able to find a junk set with a bad cabinet and salvage the transformer. Telefunken USA ’s TF47 is a U47‑inspired mic that uses their “historically accurate” BV8, paired with a K47‑style capsule and a circuit based around the EF732 valve. Tools,Components and Cabinet Restoration. These early Carlsbro amplifiers are absolutely renowned for their great sound. Speaker Matching Transformer. Much more than nostalgia, vintage Transformers are an institution for fans and collectors. 08. transformers (Listed July, 2007) Single - Ended tube output transformers - Two NEW impedances added & all models improved performance - "1627-1642" series - added (Listed Aug. 67 postage. Seller 99. Click & Collect. High Voltage (Plate) & Filament - 32 VA to 454 VA. There was a request for more information that I did not reply to as I did not have photos to demonstrate my procedure. Sowter Transformers, Transformers for Vintage equipment; Squires Tools. 9% positive. Celestion Blue loudspeakers. 99 The original design was based on using several transformers so as long as each transformer has a sufficient rating that should be fine. 7 Mhz IF transformers and standard AM Radio band oscillator coils which are tuned by the 60 pF section of a 60 / 160 pF "plastic" variable capacitor. Dig deeper into each of the sections below for more information about what we stock. They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. 3v - 1 Pc. 1627-1642 Series. However, sometimes the cores are too badly damaged. In contrast, the larger Bassman/Super Reverb trannies will relate the vacuum tube and circuits’ clipping before the tranny hits the ceiling, which accounts for the fast, grainy Welcome to the UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Discussion Forum. Condition is "Used". 5 out of 5 stars 231 $7. Audio. Please request preferred package style when ordering. $373. EUR 92. Figure 2 - if amplifier transformer schematics The Jukebox Man is the specialist for Juke Box Parts and Repairs. Output stage “choking” under overdrive. 125SE Series. Read More Replacement RRPR Valve on Vintage Transformer. Power triodes were used in early battery sets and high quality mains sets of the 1930s and early post-war period. As regard the Lorlin switches they would be quite close to their rating on some combination of valves, however, if you HT does not exceed the 300V max and you don't switch them while the circuits are powered my The Shere sound classic transformer range was designed and developed in order to provide an off the shelf solution for owners of vintage amplifiers. Original round die cast footswitch. 00 Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. An excellent large catalogue. Price $199. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. POWER SUPPLY The power supply normally consists of a transformer, rectifier, filter choke and filter capacitors. Most valve-amp transformers have two windings: high voltage (HT or B+), and heater supply. Parts Only. See pictures output transformer single ended. We are continually adding to this list. If you can't see what you are looking for on my website please email or phone as I have much more stock to list. Faulty resistors ; Faulty capacitors ; Loose contacts at sockets ; Dry joints ; Faulty output transformer ; Faulty power transformer ; Ineffective valve shield( Whistles in particular) Faulty valve ; Poor wiring layout ; Poor Epiphone, Valve Output Transformer, YW TF-Valve Junior, 5W, New Unused Regular price £25. Plate & Filament - 22 VA to 248 VA. 0 out of 5 stars 6. . Please submit a custom design request if the transformer you are looking for is not here. vintage valve amplifier Webster / hammond PPP 6v6 115v for restoration £300. 13 x 6146 PA valves), a spare 70K-2 VFO assembly and a retro silver Turner desk mic. 00: £3. 99 $8. AMP RARE VINTAGE YEAR 1944'S. The compressor circuits use a high gain valve stage giving around 35db clean gain. The C supply negative bias is provided by resistors in the HT negative lead, in the traditional back bias method. It had all valves and caps replaced and aligned etc. The choice of solid state or valve is a personal one, with supporters in both camps. Located near the capital of Canberra. 99. Indirect emitters used in more or less all mains valve radios from the late 1930s onward were slow to reach emission temperature, with wait times routinely exceeding 10 seconds. Vintage Valve Radio Repairs Brisbane Is no longer available Never Plug in a Vintage Radio. PARTRIDGE VINTAGE VALVE AMP OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS CHOKE 3176 AMPLIFIER. Collection only from Holystone Village just off A19 NE27 Pl Applying 100-volt PA line transformers as valve output transformers, including examples. You can phone +44 (0)1522 685500 You can E mail repairjukebox@gmail. If we can get the circuit we will do any transformer not included. The output valve is normally a pentode or beam tetrode. The IF transformers I bought were of good quality, but were definately cheaper than the ones for sale from the Home Radio shop. 20 postage. 253210397563 It came with dozens of spare valves (e. 'surrey' Vintage Valve Output Transformer ' Valve Amps: Output transformers A cheaply made output tranny, used in many tube guitar amps, will have 2 primaries with a single secondary between the primaries (P1, S, P2,) or have 3 Sowter Type 9050 PP tube to 600 ohm line output transformer Shop eBay for great deals on Vintage Electrical Transformers. The range consisted of mains and output transformers for Vox AC15, AC30 and Marshall 50 watt amplifiers. A fully fused transformer should last longer than you do. Also built in is a dedicated 48v power supply. 2A Transformer 110V/ 230V Primary Used £ 7. 99 The original design was based on using several transformers so as long as each transformer has a sufficient rating that should be fine. EX BBC peak level meter is superb and has a dedicated valve driver stage. 99 P&P. Here is a cool link to a Vintage Fender Amp price history chart that tracks sales data for specific amp models by the month. Oct 11, 2017 - Push-Pull (PP) EL84 (6BQ5) or 6V6 (6AQ5) Tube Amp Schematic with Dynaco A-410 Transformers. National EL84 output valves, Brimar GZ34 rectifier, preamplifier valves are National and Telefunken. All are for 450-470 kc/s: a usual IF frequency was 465 kc/s (kHz), for example. Push-pull Output Transformers. 2 sets = 4 lamp posts with transformer that will power up to 3 sets. inShareplus 6V Low Voltage Power Supply, Transformer, Power Adapter, DC 6V 1A, 6 Watt Max, AC 100-240V to DC 6V, with 5. Click & Collect. SOLD The item “RARE VINTAGE PAIR OF LARGE OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS FROM QUAD 7591 TUBE AMP AMPLIFIER” is in sale since Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Pumps: Replacement pumps are available. The signal level from the preceding detector stage would be about sufficient to operate a pair of headphones, so this signal must be amplified to a sufficient level to drive a loud speaker. 00/Unit) + £29. It is important to use this "technique" as a brief test only. Shop today! VINTAGE VALVE RADIO MAINS TRANSFORMER. TCC BLOCK CAPACITOR 750 V. Data on larger transformers from A&R Sonar and Ferguson, power and output. Single Ended Output Transformers. As regard the Lorlin switches they would be quite close to their rating on some combination of valves, however, if you HT does not exceed the 300V max and you don't switch them while the circuits are powered my Came out of a working Epiphone valve jr. 99 $ 24. You'll find new or used products in Vintage Electrical Transformers on eBay. Used, Valve amplifier RS universal mains transform . Grid Coupling Transformers. Fane 12 " 20 watt speakers Vox, Hiwatt ,Simmswatt etc £75each. As with much of these vintage items, pricing can be difficult so I am open to sensible offers on selected items. This is a 1973 Laney Klipp 100w, complete with partridge transformers. 39 shipping. Transformers Vintage G1 Legion Class Autobot Outback. vintage Tannoy valve amplifier ab12 ac 25x for restoration mono amp £400. 95 of 5 points 4123 pos. Dig deeper into each of the sections below for more information about what we stock. W. vintage valve power supply for preamp £60. A mix of some very vintage and modern parts. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish the platform for shaping your amp’s unique sound. The Philips 372 model has the valve visible on the top. Vintage Transformers. Haddon transformers. Remember, many components could have been changed over the years, speakers blow, caps dry out, transformers melt down, and pots wear out. a faulty power transformer! Apparently, they were not prepared to replace the said transformer. Discuss your jukebox repair needs and spare parts requirements with Geoff . Mullard Magic stocks vintage radio, military radio like R1155, T1154, WS19, military spare parts, valves, tubes by GEC Brimar Mullard ECC83 KT66 ECC32 u52, radio components early wireless, vintage radio, domestic vintage radio, old technology of all kinds Vintage transformer, AC transformer 150 Volts 220 Volts, AC power supply 1940s TheVintageAmerica. Please ask support if you have any questions. 99 (£54. g. The right pic shows a stereo Leak amplifier. 1 Quadraphonics system Rotel RX-602 Built as a standard line input compressor but has an option to switch to work as a stand-alone valve mic preamp. They're built with the same molds and dies used for the original Further up market, Golden Age Premier ’s GA‑47 features a custom replica of the BV8 transformer and an EF800 valve. The original transformers are actually used by the Marshall amplifiers of the time - rare indeed! In regards to tone and how an output transformer affects it, it’s my opinion that an output transformer does not change an amp’s character. 84. Seller 99. EUR 15. 99 (£54. Unfortunately the transformer in the 516F-2 PSU gives secondary voltages which are too high when fed with 230v AC, so I'm having to use an auto-transformer to run the unit on about 200v AC. The toys in the line are made from the original dies and molds used for the 1980s Sansui Model 1000A, AM/FM Multiplex Tuner Amplifier, was introduced in 1964, and was available on the market as late as 1972. 50 Add to basket 240V to 110V 2KVA Auto Transformer Blakley Electrics Cased Used Tested Vintage Partridge Valve Amp Transformer 1552B - 280-0-280v AC with 6. EUR 34. Your Type 28 example does not have the broad arrow that identifies government equipment. Heater and Filament Transformers. £269. transformer. RS mains transformer taken from home made this auction is for a vintage radiospares 'hygrade' filament mains transformer. before i got it. The 1000A was one of the most popular Sansui models in the international market during Sansui tube era, and it was acclaimed that the 1000A significantly contributed for Sansui to establish its financial foundation during the late 1960’s. John Chambers has carried out a comprehensive repair, modification, and restoration service for all makes of valve amplification, including both musical instrument amplifiers and Hi-Fi audio equipment for over 30 years. FAB V11 The FAB V11 is based on the classic Neuman BV11 for the M49 valve microphone. You will find references to the later Type 31 made for the RAF in 1940. There could also be a possible fire hazard. If you ever see a complete Coilcraft or a J. These capacitors are parallel to the primary and secondary of the coils. 115 V / 125V Primary (60 Hz. £7. Universal Push-Pull Tube Output. ** Kustom Defender 5H**, Vox Tube Output Transformers - Aesthetics We have also paid close attention to the "look" of our units as they are as much on display in some designs as the tubes themselves. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. New build or repair, this is the answer to a prayer. specializes in amplifier transformers! More than 80% of our transformers manufactured is for this market and bring over 70 years transformer manufacturing expertise to our product. Only) 200 Series. WESTINGHOUSE 6J6 A VACUUM TUBE NOS NIB Valvola Lampe Röhre Valve Valvula SINGLE . - excellent. 40. 39. parts only. Here at TFSource, we have a wide array of vintage Transformers, collectibles and action figures to suit all your vintage collection needs. . The last generation of valves was nuvistors. Mains filters, theory Power transformers are more difficult to find. It a Vintage Valve Radio and it CRACKLES LOUDLY but after a few hours it settles down. SE Output Transformers Tube Valve Röhrenverstärk er 300B 2A3 RV210 Copper Bandage. Internal switches can be used to control fans and/or initiate an alarm. amp rare vintage year 1944's. For guitar amplifiers we provide accurate reproductions of classic transformers for Marshall, McIntosh, Fender, HiW This transformer will replace an interstage transformer on an RCA Radiola Model 82 Radio. Product Features Heavy Duty Transformer Oil Valves Cardinal Pumps & Exchangers also manufactures a line of heavy-duty butterfly type transformer oil valves ranging from 2” to 10” in size including ANSI standard and Vintage valve (tube) amps and effects pedals in stock and for sale. The two output trannys are rotated 90deg to the power mains tranny to avoid picking up induced hum from the mains tranny external magnetic field. These tiny devices reached emission temperature fairly quickly. Tube Output (25 - 75 Watts) Single Ended - HI-FI. . Kits are available to rebuild the older model Westinghouse pump valves. This item is in the category “Consumer Electronics\Vintage Electronics\Vintage Audio & Video\Vintage Parts & Accessories\Vintage Transformers”. £5. 00; Vintage Transformers (133) Vintage Tubes & Tube Sockets (4) Our NEW Transformer & Inductors catalog (5C-08) is now available (Listed July 2008) A NEW series of replacement - tube Guitar Amp. In some IF transformers there are integrated capacitors internal to the enclosure. Check out my huge library of Schematics here I'm referring here to radios, televisions, amplifiers etc. Prewar transformers must be rewound. By adding in the correct mic input transformer in series this then gives 50db gain. vintage valve transformers